The Finest Microphone for Recording


Whenever you want to buy a microphone, it is very challenging to pick the finest ones available for your voice. Whether you are talking or singing, every person’s voice is unique. Several voices have higher pitch, like the females’, and there are some which are lower, like the males’. Go to the reference of this site, check it out!

Since there is no really specific answer on what kind of microphone you must acquire, here are the things that might help you to narrow down your search of the best microphone available.

1. Condenser microphone – this is the most common kind of microphone. It has a built-in capacitor which is responsible for converting acoustic energy into a form of electrical energy. These microphones need power from an external source or a battery. The end result would be a strong audio signal, this is usually stronger than the dynamic microphone. Follow the link for more information about cad u37.

So, what must you consider whenever you want to buy the finest microphone? To know what kind of microphone for your voice, you should look its frequency.

Diaphragm sizes – several microphones have a huge diaphragm that would pick up low frequencies which are ideal for bass instruments and male voices. There are also microphones which have a small diaphragm which are ideal for higher notes. These are best for acoustic guitars, cymbals, violins, and female voices. Most often, these small diaphragm microphones are commonly found in recording overhead music in drums and orchestras. Here is a list of estimated human voices that are measured in terms of hertz:
o Male voices normally falls around 130 hertzo Female voices normally falls around 220hertzo The child’s voice is around 350hertz.

2. Directionality – another important thing you must take into account is directionality. Which directional polar pattern do you think you need? If you are just simply performing voice overs, then the pattern that suits you must be focused and you would need a hypercardioid type of condenser microphone. This microphone functions to remove all unnecessary room noises and would only get the sounds close to it. Learn more details about microphone at

3. Shock mounts – shock mounts are attachments that usually suspend a microphone in its place. It typically makes the microphone isolated from the foot rumble sounds, microphone stand sounds, and many more. This would absorb all unnecessary noises so that your recording would be crisp and clear.

4. Pop Filter – This is something that everybody must have. This is a screen that decreases the air’s impact from your mouth when you are recording. Majority of the words that begin with letters B or P normally shoot out air. You can actually try this by saying the word “Bite” and “Pop”. Did you notice that there is a burst in the air? The pop filter or screen would decrease that burst before the sound would be recognized in the microphone.


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